090 - Leigh Way Cycle

Hey look, its me! This is a cartoon version of myself. The actual model was created by my friend SqueakyToad. So I animated this puppet on 1s, no tweens.

089 - South Park Wrestler

Just a silly thing here. Also wanted to animate a South Park style character. I built the character in photoshop in just limited parts just foe fun. Of course, it meant that the model was very small and pixelated in Photoshop compared to flash, so next time I'll draw straight into flash


088 - Explosion

Thought I would look at how some people do explosions in flash. Probably didnt follow the best advice here, but just a fun lil animation. I think this was meant for yesterday...losing track of days.

087 - Finished Toast

Finally finished this flash animation after a weeks work, felt like longer because of the start stop nature of the production. Happy with what I learnt with the limited drawings. This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but wasn't quite done, so I'll just do something quick for today's animation.

Anyway, hope you like it if you havent been sick of this thing by now.


086 - Toast E Bread

Did this last night, forgot to post it this morning. Anyway, nearly finished with the whole thing now. The next major stage I may try out moving his body to make him look less static, but overall I am happy with how I have progressed.


085 - Toast Lip Sync WIP

An odd title for a post eh? Well here is some lip sync for the animated character from my training dvd, which provided everything, the character, the audio, the mouth shapes. I just tried to make it all work. This animation still work in progress.

Also, pimped out my blog today with a few extra features. Hopefully people can retweet posts so more people can see my work *hint hint*.


084 - Toast E Bread WIP

Still havent learnt how to export properly, so ignore the tinny sound and video quality. Here I actually got through some character animation. Basic stuff, but I am still learning my way through flash with this technique.
-Learnt about swapping symbols
-Learnt editting sound in flash to some degree

I may go back and fiddle wit this more, but I am trying to finish the exercise on the dvd, so I may go to the next scene and then maybe put bells and whistles on it all in the end.


083 - DBZ Power Up

I love dragonball z and would love to animate a fight sequence like it. So this is the closest I have got...just an animation of Vegeta powering up as seen in the opening titles. Quite fun.


082 - Toast E Bread WIP

This exported at a rather bad quality...I havent been through how to export from flash yet, but this is rough WIP and nothing to get excited about. This is learning from my flash training DVD. Here I learnt:
-How to construct a character
-Creating Symbols
-Fade In/Out

Basic stuff at the moment, and the images were provided by the DVD or instructed to draw like. I'll start animating the sequence next.

081 - News Test

Here I am trying out some things I may have learnt from my flash training dvd. Still a long way off, but just an idea. Would like to do alot more with it, but the idea is now plausible while before I wouldnt really know how to do it.

PS. I dunno how readable the font is, I havent tested exporting it yet as an avi.


080 - Stick Fight

I didnt know what to animate yesterday, so did this. Embarrassed to post it as its crap, but I have to.


079 - Female Walk

You know, I have never actually animated a female walk cycle before, yet alone a walk cycle from a front on perspective. I know this is rough, but its a first attempt at two things. ^_^


078 - Camera Pan

It may not be exciting or funny, but I have never understood how camera movements work in flash, so this is my first ever attempt of trying to recreate a pan.

077 - Box

Very quick rough animation just for fun.


076 - Dog Run

A break from the Kung Fu Panda WIP animations, here is a little doggie having a little jog.

075 - Kung Fu Panda WIP

Just an update from yesterday. Still lots of work left to do, but getting there slowly.


074 - Po's Training Secret WIP

So yeah, had this idea ages ago, roughly animated it ages ago, so thought I would start cleaning it up. I stupidly didnt check how big the flash export movie was, it was tiny, so it looks abit rubbish, but I am too lazy to export it again. I'll just keep animating and updating it. The audio is from Tenacious D if you didnt know.
I am also going to add animation at the end of Po lifting up a bunch of roosters on a dumbell for gag purposes.


073 - Jimmy Hopkins

Didnt know what to animate today, so just whipped this up instead. I have been playing Bully on the xbox 360 recently, so drew the main character Jimmy Hopkins. I didnt rate the game much to begin with, it felt like a chore playing it...but has gotten a lot better.


072 - Preview

No animation today (yesterday), so instead a preview of something I am working on. This animation a day thing isn't working out too great, mainly because I am so rusty everything sucks.


071 - Fighter

Just playing around with some rough animation for a cycle stance for a fighter in a 2D beat em up. needs a lot more work, but its rough.


070 - Chris Sanders Style Challenge

Inked up a sketch that is supposed to be in the style of Lilo & Stitch creator Chris Sanders. I am happy with the drawing, just ain't happy with not really looking sanders-esque.


069 - Hero Turn

Thought yesterday's animation needed something more...so I added a body. So today, rough animation, clean up and colours, think I am done with this one now.


067 - Hammer Time

Needs alot of work and its compressed nastily, but you get the gist of things. Rough animation.


066 - Coin Flip Coloured

I tweaked and coloured the animation. I couldnt get it working enough the way I wanted it, and it kept getting over worked, so I am leaving it for now so I can move onto something new.

065 - Commission Preview

I tweaked yesterday's animation but forgot to publish the movie, and since then I have added some colour, so I'll post that version instead. In the meantime, a preview of a commission that includes wonder woman.


064 - Coin Flip

Almost forgot to post yesterday's animation, but I am embarrassed to show this. I thought I would do something simple after seeing a pose in Eric Goldberg's 'Character Animation Crash Course' book, but I got so much to to adjust and work on.

The smoke is crap. I think I did too many drastically different keys, so I will scrap that and straight ahead something more simple and wafty. The coin isn't quite working, and I think the wrist needs some drag and follow through.

Any other suggestions or tips?


063 - Angry Walk

Trying out another walk, putting some character into it. Saw a single drawing expressing character in a walk in Eric Goldberg's book and thought 'That would be fun to try animating'.
There was another version with an extra drawing during the passing positions, but I thought this one felt more angry with the quicker snap.


062 - Walk Cycle

Forgot to post this yesterday. Finished off the walk by adding ears and a tail. Not sure if this looks too much and overworked, or just poorly animated. Anyway, thats this walk cycle done, no more adjustments!


061 - Walk Clean Up

Finished the walk cycle from yesterday. I want to do more to it, add ears bouncing, maybe a tail too. I also want to shrink the size of this so that it isn't the size of the workspace. Any ideas apart from rescaling each frame? Would help a lot.


060 - Walk WIP

This month I will try some animation everyday. Today I was practicing a walk cycle from Eric Goldberg's 'Character Animation Crash Course!' book, where I used his keyframes and inbetweened the rest on 1s.

I am currently cleaning this up, tweaking things etc, hopefully finish it tomorrow. Done in Flash.

059 - Zawadi

And so the Marvel Ladies A-Z ends with Zawadi, ally of the Black Panther. Had fun drawing this one, and pleased how it turned out. Really felt this month has improved my female drawings, so I hope you have all enjoyed seeing the progress.