058 - Yellowjacket

Nearly forgot about this one, so it was quite a rush to get it done.


057 - X-23

Learnt something new doing this, X-23, or Laura Kinney , was originally created for the X-Men evolution cartoon series and then later brought into comics, much like Harley Quinn. I did draw 2 different outfits for her, this and her X-force uniform, but thought I would simply finish this one off.

056 - Wasp

This one started off as a traditional sketch that I did while waiting in my car. I didn't have much reference with me at the time, so just did her in her more recent costume.


055 - Viper

A little cheating, as she is more widely known as Madame Hydre, but Viper is her alias.

054 - U-Go Girl

I know, ridiculous name right?


052b - Spider Woman

Screw it, here is Jessica Drew. The idea I planned to post on deviantArt I flipped this horizontally to put on the same piece with Julia Carpenter, but it looked weird to me.

052 - Spider Woman

Had a choice between the 2 Spider Woman costumes. I went for Julia Carpenter here, as its a costume I haven't drawn before but have always wanted to. I did draw Jessica Drew as well, which will probably end up on my deviantArt page.

051 - Rogue

My new favourite. Everyone knows and loves Rogue for this costume. She's actually had loads, and I nearly drew her in a different one, but the green and yellow called out to me again.


050 - Quicksand

A difficult find for marvel characters, so we have a rather obscure character in Quicksand, who has faced off against big guns Spider-Man and Captain America.


049 - Psylocke

Felt like taking a break from all these Marvel ladies and draw something different, then Psylocke came along and made me passionate about the theme again.


048 - Oracle

A very subdued effort, technically yesterday's sketch, trying to spend a little less time on these. 'O' isn't a popular letter for Marvel female characters.


047 - Namorita

Another one I took too long on, should have finished it yesterday, but got too involved. Look, bubbles!


046 - Miss Marvel

So many great characters for M, but I went with one of my favourite heroines, Ms. Marvel.


045 - Lyja

Yesterday's sketch but coloured up today...and then took too long colouring lines and experimenting. Argh.


044 - Kitty Pryde

What is meant to be a sketch keeps turning into something more, most notably here making Kitty extra shiny.


043 - Jubilee

Probably my favourite drawing of the month so far! Gave her the classic look that I remember her from the 90s cartoons.

042 - Invisible Woman

I did Sue Storm in her outfit that she wore during Civil War drawn by Steve McNiven. I also drew her in 6 other costumes as they all looked great, which can be seen on my deviantart page.



040 - Giant Girl

For yesterday. Another quickish one which I tried to colour to distract the eye from the poor anatomy.


039 - Firestar

After some research into the costume, came down to 3 choices. Which version do you think should be inked and finished?


038 - Elektra

Back on track with 7th post in 7 days. This is the sketch with the rough pencils adjusted and quickly coloured. I will ink and colour properly one day, gotta remember these are sketches.

037 - Dazzler

WIP sketch of Dazzler, back on track with marvel girls. Takes longer than the animals as I want to try harder to get them right. In the process on inking, may post update later tonight.

036 - Weekly Character Designs 1

On deviantArt, someone came up with this concept to design characters from these random shapes, and so I saw it as a good exercise. I am a little behind posting stuff, so I gotta play catch up.


035 - Crystal

This was a real rush trying to squeeze it in, not that happy upon reflection.

034 - One of the Crowd Poster

Worked on this poster for the short film 'One of the Crowd'. Check it out on facebook and it's website.


033 - Black Cat

OMG a proper sketch. Didnt have time for a finished version, so this will have to do for now, bit of a rush job. Should have called her Red Cat. Anyway, apologies, hope you like anyway.


032 - Aurora

New month, new theme. I thought of doing Marvel Girls A-Z. We'll see, this took a long time to do, and I still want to go back and finish it, so who knows.


031 - Lolly

Another character belonging to a friend on deviantArt. This character is called Lolly and was created by Ken-Oh-Sama. She is naked and has ink controlling powers.