150 - My Little Mermaid

Going through my deviations on deviantArt, saw a mermaid, thought I havent drawn a mermaid. people like mermaids, and thus I drew a mermaid. Clear enough?


Unicorn Angel Kitten says...

148 - Jolteon

Bulbasaur seemed to go down well, so here is another one of my favourite pokemon. I had a beast of a Jolteon and he looks badass. Sadly at the moment I have filled up all available sketchbooks so its digital sketches for now. My damn Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends sketchbooks are polluted with images of the cartoon characters at the corner of the pages and the paper feels like tracing paper. Urgh!


147 - Mini Crusher

Another AngelCrusher drawing. Someone suggested my online fighting tournament could be something like pokemon, and while I think of the logistics of this, it made sense to have these small chibi kid like characters literally fighting over 1 dollar as kids are excited about getting any sum of money. Still a fresh idea needing developing.

146 - Roughwood

Here is an old character if mine who I came up with when I was about 8-10 and is a character I havent drawn in probably 7 years. He started off as a rip off of Street Fighter's Sagat, but at the time and my age, I thought it would be cool to give him two eye patches. He is in fact a blind boxer. Go figure.

145 - Bulbasaur

A bulbasaur drawing! Woo! I have never drawn a bulbasaur that I have been happy with, but this comes close. Anyway, tribute to my favourite pokemon before Nintendo added an extra 300 ugly and forgettable critters.

144 - Super Pants

Playing around with my existing superhero characters SuperDude and Underpants Boy. Together, they are Super Pants! Probably the worst hero and sidekick duo in the history of heroes.


143 - Zerkov

Just playing around, was a messy sketch so I inked it instead of thicker pencils. Better for it I guess.


142 - Zed Head Ned

Another random sketch. I had a dream last night and thought it may work as a cartoon. This is by no means a character design for a pitch of a show, but a simple reminder to me that I had a dream...

141 - Rusty the Reindeer

Just a silly sketch of a reindeer character. I had this idea for a christmas style story and havent written it down, but hopefully this sketch will constantly remind me to do so.

140 - Stepford Cuckoos

A request on the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection blog that I draw the Stepford Cuckoos. I'll admit that I am unfamiliar with these characters of identical sisters who are psychic, but fun to draw and easily cheated with duplication. Hope you guys like it.

139 - AngelCrusher

Another AngelCrusher drawing inspired by my french wrestling comics. Really like how badass this guy came out. :)

138 - AngelCrusher

While on holiday we stopped off at Toulon France and went shopping. In one of their supermarkets they had all sorts of comics, graphic novels and manga, it was amazing! I spent 40 euros on books! One of the books had a funky wrestler style design like this which I wanted to replicate for my own character.

137 - Twinkle

Here is another cat of my girlfriend's Twinkle, the brother of Socks. Probably injected more character into this drawing which makes it work better than the last, but there is probably a cartoon somewhere with these cat brothers antics.

136 - Stewardess

On my holiday sketch on easyjet I thought I would use the inspiration of the stewardesses to draw up a character. Unfortunately the easyjet stewardesses are not glamorous and thus this drawing didnt come out very good.

135 - Socks

My girlfriend's cat in cartoon form. Playing around with a style and design while on a plane on my way to Barcelona.


134 - Dina Mite

I am finally up to date and caught up with my daily drawings. Here is a character I created in the video game 'City of Heroes'. I didnt really play with her much, but the character creator is so fun to just mess around in.

Foxy Gaga

Finally finished this piece and I am really happy with it. Hope you guys like it too.
It is of course an anthro fox character dressed up in Lady Gaga's iconic police tape outfit from her Telephone video featuring Beyonce. I tried to replicate the positioning of the tape as much to the real thing as possible, and drawing up the jail background trying to keep to the look of the scene too. This was done for a contest, so wish me luck.


132 - Chatroulette Sketches

I went on Chatroulette taking drawing requests. Thought it would be fun and random, maybe inspiring like some of those videos you see...although the horrors of Chatroulette is something else, so I warn everyone don't go there.
But between the waves of perverted old men, there are some genuine people there and they wanted drawings. Here are some results, each sketch taking up no more than 5 minutes really, had to work fast to make sure they didnt switch off, but they all seemed happy with the drawings, even if they looked crap.

Now I need to wash my eyeballs.

131 - Caricature

Another quick and random caricature sketch of some kid.

130 - Caricature

Just a quick sketch caricature of some random dude.


129 - Nearly Finished

Very small update. Tweaked the background abit, made the image look abit more cinematic like the Telephone video. I exported the character from flash to add to the digital background, so had to adjust and tweak a few things to get rid of the white background and a few of the errors. Next is the next, then maybe a few extras, but should be finished tomorrow. :)


128 - Jail Background

Messing around with a quick background to use with my Foxy Gaga image. Dunno about the actual jail bars...maybe I need to space them out more, but meh, this is for yesterday too.


127 - Foxy Gaga WIP

Still working on that Lady Gaga anthro pic in flash. Damn, flash takes a while to colour, so awkward, I find it so annoying. Nearly there.
May cheat and adjust in photoshop.


St George

Finished this commission off today. Good fun. Inked in Flash, coloured in photoshop. I like how it came out. Was unsure whether to shade or not, personally I liked it without shading, but its a commission and felt I had to add to it. Heroic Saint George standing over the fallen dragon, england banner in background, as well as flaming hills, as requested.


125 - St. George WIP

Work in Progress of a commission sketch of St George standing over a dragon. I aint fussed on the dragon, may change it. May also give George hair and make him look less menacing...he looks like Norman Osborne here. Which is cool in a different way.


Blackburn Rovers Roar Lion Mascot

Ok, where did this come from!? My football lion needed colouring for the competition and I wanted a distinct look. I searched lion football mascots and refused to draw Chelsea. But luckily I found Blackburn Rovers Roar Mascot, and what a design! I loved his red mane and blue and white fur, so it had to be done. So started as a generic lion football character turned into a nice colourful tribute image. Ah well.

This is for the "Animals in Competitive Sports" contest at Parkablogs and I needed to finish it quickly. Wish I had time to enter another, but probably wont.

123 - The Other

Another panel from my storyboard work. I liked the set up of this frame so I thought I would upload this one over 'the others'. See what I did there. ;)

122 - The Other

A panel from a recent storyboard I worked on for a pitch to get funding for a short film.


121 - Foxy Gaga WIP

Lines are finished, colour fills are finished. I used the brush tool on the writing and the eye colouring which I may change, didnt look very good with the lines removed. Still got to shade though and add some details, not yet finished.


120 - I am Iron Man

Here's a really quick sketch of Iron Man...UNMASKED!!! gasp! May be going to see Iron Man 2 this weekend...and if I can...drag my girlfriend to watch the end of the credits. Shh!