Simpsons Me

Seemed ok at the time while I sketched at a craft show. Now, I am not so sure.


CMFC - Frankenstein Results

Spent ages on this and was surprised it got guessed correctly so quickly after post it on the blog. Curse you Mighty_Marvel! Although it was satisfying to see Victor incorrectly guess on some of the characters. To confirm, the 10 characters I mixed up were:

Headdress - Enchantress
Head - Shang Chi
Front Cape - Nomad
Torse - Mephisto
Left Arm - She Hulk
Right Arm - Wonder Man
Legs - Adam Warlock
Boots - Radioactive Man
Back Cape - Beta Ray Bill
Sword - Baron Zemo

I hope EM makes it just as hard as I tried too, because it MM can guess mine THAT quickly, I don't fancy my chances winning the contest myself.

CMFC - Frankenstein

Someone suggested a fun game to play on the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection blog about creating a collage from figurines in the collection and everyone has to guess what parts went into making the figure.

In colour I thought it was too easy, so i made it black and white and will reveal the coloured version if anyone guesses right, or just gets stuck. Made up from 10 characters.


Spider-Man Redesign Variants

4 variations on the design. The colours look abit different on the screen compared to the cintiq...maybe its an issue with what colours the web can display. Anyway, for the Project Rooftop redesign spidey contest.

Still not happy of finished. Was aiming for something simple but also logical keeping his fingers and feet exposed as thats how he sticks...and wearing shoes and gloves dont make much sense.

Any favourites?