Celebrity Caricatures

Been a while since I updated the ol' blog. I really do prefer posting on deviantArt since its a community and you get feedback,

Anyway, started my Masters Degree in Animation, and the project was to draw a caricature of myself, but my tutor also suggested having a go drawing celebrities.

So here is my first attempt at drawing some celebs. Faces are my weakness, so I wasn't looking forward to this project, but it was quite fun actually.


'Real' Frieza

I saw some cool videos on youtube of people making 'realistic' versions of cartoon characters, so I wanted to try it out myself. So here is my photo-manipulation of Dragonball z villain Frieza. I haven't really done photo-manipulation before, so I liked how it came out.


SuperDude Character Designs

Just been doodling recently and looking at adding things to my portfolio while animating something for the NickToons contest.

I got the idea to do more characters from the world of SuperDude, exploring the style and design more.

So here are an extra couple of characters in what I think is the SuperDude cartoon style. I got some god feedback on these, so will probably produce more.



My second animated film which I produced in my 3rd year in college. Was nominated for best 2D film. Hope you enjoy.


Showreel 2008

After 3 years of learning animation, this is my showreel showing some of my best works throughout.


SuperDate Promo Image

This is the promotional image for SuperDate, my upcoming animated short. This piece was part of a project for college to show an 'ultimate image' that kinda represented / summed up your film.
I tried to go to town with the colouring and make it look really polished. The actual film doesn't involve highlights and shadows, otherwise it would have taken me ages to complete.
The colouring on this was probably about 3-4 hours.


SuperDate Screenshot

W.I.P. shot of my upcoming film, SuperDate. Based around a Superhero on a blind date, his date doesn't realise he is the most popular and powerful hero in the world. Of course, he doesn't know how to properly conduct himself as a normal civilian, and his use of powers takes his date by surprise.

Simpsons Vs Futurama

A year after Homer Vs Peter, I thought I would mark the anniversary with a new epic Simpsons battle, since so many enjoyed it on deviantArt. Since Pirates of the Caribbean came out, I thought I would base the characters from the film. Now all I have to do is top this pic this summer. *gulp*

Homer Simpson Vs Peter Griffin

I did this a while back. People often argued which was better etc, so this picture had to be made. Who wins? Clearly us viewers being able to watch two great shows. I can't remember how many times this picture has been stolen and put up on websites and sold as prints...so I am making sure it doesnt happen again with my watermarks.

Cecil The Penguin Film

This was my first animated film at the end of my second year doing animation in college. I was quite pleased with it, and it gained me a nomination at the college's annual award show for Best 2D film, as well as getting a 'Daily Deviation' feature on deviantArt.


I loved watching 300. It is probably the most manly film in the entire history of hollywood followed by Beowulf. Watch those two back to back and you will probably end up challenging someone to fight you. I had fun with this picture, and tried to get a look of the film into the colours. Oh, and yes, that character is me. :D


Lilo & Stitch is a really great film, and after watching it, I had to throw up some fanart of the little guy. So I found some reference picture and decided to have a go at drawing him.


In December 2006 I decided I would draw on a post-it note everyday. I found it a really good drawing and creative exercise.