061 - Walk Clean Up

Finished the walk cycle from yesterday. I want to do more to it, add ears bouncing, maybe a tail too. I also want to shrink the size of this so that it isn't the size of the workspace. Any ideas apart from rescaling each frame? Would help a lot.


Ash Collins said...

i'm sure you asked me this before - and i told you how to do it, and you did it. told you on DA somewhere.

you make sure everything you want to resize is unlocked, then turn on onion skin, turn on "edit multiple frames", go to "modify onion markers" and select "onion all", which should extend the onion skin to the whole timeline... zoom out till you can see everything on the stage that you want to edit, then press Q to get the free transform tool, and drag it to select everything, then resize it (making sure to hold SHIFT to keep it all to scale). if you did that right it should resize every frame at once, but will munch up your processing power.

or you could just resize the wokspace.

LAWay said...

lol did you already tell me? Damn, sorry. Well thanks again then man, that helped a lot. I tried resizing the workspace, but it only added the height to the bottom of the workspace, which would have still involved me moving each frame.

I have much flash to learn. :s