Avengers: Promotion Poster

I know its Photoshop and not the real poster, but still, badass.


E3: Nintendo Wii U: New Console

Heard the news, Nintendo have revealed the new console at E3. Watch a vid of it 'in action'.

Pretty much what people expected with the controller and the integration with the tv. Are we impressed by it? Nintendo have long needed HD gaming and 3rd party support which Wii U claims to have (how awkward is it to say that? As if Wii wasnt bad enough.) Although they didnt reveal any actual gameplay footage I dont think, the 3rd party titles they announced were footage from PS3 and Xbox games...so basically the newest next gen console is porting current 5 year old gen consoles.

Its main selling point is their ipad like controller, obviously to muscle in on apple's app game market, but also with video chat and internet browsing. Unclear whether you can only chat with Wii U (shudder) users and surf the net with just the controller. The video makes the controller look like a glorified magnifying glass. With buttons, obviously.

It seems to boast clever ideas, but I am hating the marketing again, with the wii fit? Saying you can use it without the tv? How? You cant do those exercises while holding that controller surely! And a device like that is not something suitable for a kid unless you can wrap it up in bubble wrap (I meant the controller, but I guess the child is also another option). How hot will this controller get? Can ipad users say if that gets hot, I dont have one. But charging an xbox pad warms up quite abit, and so does the cintiq after awhile, but I dunno, maybe the ipad avoids this and this Wii U (really, REALLY!?) could be the same.

It says you can use the same wii controllers so not everyone has to have this new controller, (which begs the question, whats the point?), but also, does the normal wii controller have the same amount of buttons? It certainly isnt laid out as well if they are indeed saying we can play the likes of Assassin's Creed and Batman: Arkham City on it.

We don't know how powerful it is compared to the current consoles or what discs it will use, or also how much it will cost. They say it will be competitive value for money. Asked if this would be priced more or less, they reiterated 'it cost will reflect how much value it gives', or something along those lines. Basically saying 'we think its great and should be expensive.' Since the PS3 is £200 after 5 years, this new console will probably come in at £250-£300 for the console and tech involved in it alone. Add on top of that the controller, which must be the price of a DS at a minimum. Another £100, which I think is being very cheap considering what it claims to do, which seems like being an ipad, retailing at £400. So I reckon, at a minimum, this new console bundled with this new controller has to start off at £400, but could be anyway close to £500. And I still think it could cost more. Its boasting the features of ipad, while being a games console and home entertainment system, with all this new technology.

And that is with only 1 controller. Have they shot themselves in the foot being inventive by out-pricing their target audience?

More importantly, are you interested? I will hold judgement until I see it play some proper games and if I get the chance to play it myself. I am sceptical, but maybe I am just burnt by the Wii and how lacklustre that was. And the 3DS. And the Gamecube. And the N64.

(hates gonna hate, but not being fanboyish. Sounds like Sony had a dull E3, and Microsoft had the worst of the bunch. Nintendo made the headlines and stole the show, but I am not convinced yet. Love to hear your thoughts.)

Really? The Wii - fucking- U. REALLY!?