AFL Nurses

So I have been toying around with the idea of having some sort of kinky nurses for my AFL fighting tournament on deviantart. Mainly because they would be a weird nurse endorsing a fighting tournament, especially one hosted by a guy named AngelCrusher.

So here are some more designs which I am happier with, adapting an older character design for it. So he is some different designs and colours, what works and what doesnt?

231 - Sonic

Sonic is in dire need of a redesign to freshen him up. I present, triangle Sonic!

230 - Lil Miss Love

I designed a female superhero character ages ago for a contest to have the design feature as some sort of sidekick or love interest. Didnt win, but I digged the design. Anyway, I took that young character and just made her look more grown up.

229 - Naruto?

So yeh, this is a weird Naruto all grown up.

228 - Superman

Drew a Superman sketch upon request as I never had any Superman art prints. This turned out pretty well for a lunchtime sketch, just need to add some inks and colour and its ready to go.

227 - SleepWalker

Over at the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection blog I offered my drawing services for my lunchtime sketch and this character was requested. Now I dont know much personally about SleepWalker, hence the generic pose and 2D animated design. Remember these are quick sketched made during my lunch break. ;)

226 - Kid America

Gah! Another Captain America sketch! This time, with added biro! Made him more kiddish with the proportions, and to further that idea, his 'a' on his forehead isn't a captial letter. Aww.

225 - Bart

A little something in the making. We have seen Homer Vs Peter...but what about Bart Vs? What about turning it into a tag team? Just a few options where this could go folks. Stay tuned for inks and colours.

224 - Dark Knight

Batman getting some head shot love. He has the squarest jaw in the world...which is his real super power.

223 - Lion-O

Thunder....Thunder...Thunder...THUNDERCATS! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo!
I cant wait to see the new designs for the new cartoon series. Looking back, Thundercats is so camp.

222- Homer?

Just messing around with a very quick Homer sketch in a different cartoony style.

221 - Goku

Another love that I dont show enough for, Dragonball Z. Well here is Goku in a pose from my DBZ pencil case that I adapted for my own style.

220 - NightCrawler

Just had a bit of fun with this design. I still regard the opening sequence in X-2 as one of the best intros to a film ever with NightCrawler kicking ass. I watched it, looked to my friend in a nod of awesomeness, and even texted my future girlfriend. It was just that damn cool.

219 - Captain America

So at comic con they release a ton of cool Marvel news, but we have yet to see Chris Evans in the Captain America costume. Will it be any good? Next comic con not only should they show a decent trailer but also Spider-Man with a bit of luck.

This is why I must go to San Diego or where it is held next year.

218 - Spider-Man

Yes! Spectacular Spider-Man! Finally I have done a decent sketch of him in this style. Its just his head, but its a start! Sketched from my ipod freezed on a frame. :)

217 - Galactus

Pretty happy with how ol purple helmet turned out. Its really a design which shouldnt work, and why they didnt do it in the movies...but in all honesty, it just does. Somehow.

216 - Magneto

Now there is a pattern emerging with these sketches that you may not know. They are all inspired by toys of the characters sitting on my desk. Its a good thing, as if I am stumped for things to draw, I look up, see a character, and get to work. :)

215 - Thing

Fantastic 4's Thing! I sketched this based off a Burger King movie toy I have on my desk in work, and realized a few things. Firstly...what a stupid idea giving a rock man boots. Impractical and just expensive and stupid looking. Secondly, poor Thing wouldnt be able to use MP3 players or ipods as he hasn't got ears.
Poor guy.

214 - Virtus

A little appreciation to a buddy's original character Virtus. A swell superhero character design which is just fun to draw. Check out the artist!

Cardiff Homer

Been doing a few craft shows with some prints of Homer Vs Peter in Cardiff & Swansea City football kits, which have seemed to go down really well. So during one show, I sketched and coloured this drawing and got quite abit of interest from it. Not the best Homer as I didnt have reference, but it'll do.

212 - Strasimira

I still owe a drawing to Ritualist of his character, and after one failed attempt, this is more a direction and style I am happier with. It isn't as buff as the character (and artist) would like, but personally I like the clean cartoon look. Colours to come.

211 - Deadly Nurse

Still drawing bad nurses, just trying out different designs for my AFL tournament. One of these days I will actually draw up a finished version.

210 - Naruto

Whoa! Updating the blog! Expect a massive sketch dump as I update with some lunchtime work sketches.

Here is Naruto. Shocking how much I love the series yet dont draw much fanart of it. So here is a classic Naruto pose, in LAWay style.


Cheryl Cole Painting

Finished a 7"x5" original painting on canvas, hand signed, to sell at Pontypridd's Big Bite. Cheryl always seems to get a lot of attention with my prints so I thought I would do something more special. It is available to buy online - just email me la_way@hotmail.co.uk