119 - Foxy Gaga WIP

Here are the lines of my previous drawing done in Flash. I hope to add some colour and maybe even remove the lines, and instead of wimping out and doing it in photoshop, I am going to brave it out and try colouring in flash! *gasp*


118 - Hello Hello Baby

Ok, I am throwing a curve ball here. Had great feedback from the costumes, but felt none of them were aimed at a wide enough audience for modern popular culture. Step in Lady Gaga, Telephone costume complete with police tape.

This is just a rough version for colour and to see what it was like...what do you think? I quite like it. May go ahead and ink in flash, or try out one more rough.


117 - Foxy Ladies

Here are some designs for a contest I am entering. It is using stock photos are reference for a pose and creating an anthro character while dressing them up in an iconic costume in popular culture. I am torn, and not very creative, so got stuck on these ones. Would love feedback on preferences.
Left to Right.
1. Cammy - Street Fighter 2. Harley Quinn - Batman 3. Jessica Rabbit - Who framed Roger Rabbit 4. Halle Berry - James Bond 5. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider
6. Slave Leia - Star Wars 7-9. - Wonder Woman 10. Jean Grey Phoenix - X-men

Please help me out. Which ones work best?


116 - Silly Game

Something again for my contest at deviantArt. Just a quick poster thing done in an hour. Visit my dA page for more infor.


115 - Lost

The thrilling end to Season 3 I think, a drunken, bearded Jack shouts to Kate.
Animation inspired by Scott Triffle's artwork.

Just short and fun.


114 - Ryan Giggs

So today Man Utd beat Spurs 3-1, with Welsh wizard Ryan Giggs doing Man Utd and Wales proud with 2 goals from the penalty spot and move us closer to winning the league. Glory Glory Man United!


113 - Silk Spectre

Silk Spectre from the movie Watchmen. Really pleased how this came out with the lines, the pose, the colour. Will make it a print. :)


112 -Silk Spectre WIP

I asked people to suggest something to draw and @SilentG on Twitter suggest a hairdresser. No, my hairdresser doesn't look like this...but for some reason my cute hairdresser evolved into the feisty Silk Spectre. I sketched in Photoshop and have began inking in Flash...nearly in infact. Maybe colours tonight or tomorrow.


111 - Testing Times

Finished that comic page I have been previewing, just something quick and fun for a community project on deviantArt, nothing serious. Finished it while watching football.

Uncharted 2: Book Review

Parkablogs has posted another great review as he does about the Art of Uncharted 2. I haven't been able to play the game myself, only watch as my brothers steamroll through it being totally gripped by the action and story, and I must admit, it is a very fine looking game, even on a non HDTV.

I hope this book does become available as looking at the review, it looks gorgeous and an amazing in depth look at the art of the game. If only more games did art books like this.


110 - Page Preview

Just a preivew of a couple of panels from my upcoming comic page that will be uploaded to deviantArt. The page is about a third finished.


109 - Belligorilla

New sketch today, keeping these quick and simple. The name is some sort of weak pun for belligerent - eager to fight. The idea was a kung-fu instructing monkey, so I didnt want to be cliched, so went with a big ape.

108 - 2DF News

Full view to read it. Just abit of fun on deviantArt for a contest I am organizing. Made it an Avatar themed round. I made a few spelling mistakes as I rushed this.


107 - Lion Football

A quick sketch for yesterday. Possibly something I will enter into Parkablogs contest http://parkablogs.com/ . I found a piece of paper I wrote up about 3 years ago that had random characters on it. Like some of the animals I have posted already, this guy is one of them.


106 - Enigma

A drawing gift to a buddy on deviantArt who was closest to capture my 300,000th pageview. This is his original character Enigma. Check out more here: http://bingfox.deviantart.com/art/Enigma-Dias-149237298


105 - Happy Birthday Mum!

Mum's birthday, so I drew up a caricature of me mum and dad in their youth.


104 - Secret War

Here is a panel from an upcoming comic page I am working on for a community project on deviantArt called 'Secret Wars', which was loosely inspired by Marvel's event of the same name. Very interesting characters involved. Mine is in the center, called Zerkov.


103 - 2DF Line-Up

Click the image to full view!

Finally finished this piece! Has taken a while doing it now and then whenever I find a little bit of time. Altogether there are 57 characters from 57 different artists. 2DF stands for '2 Dollar Fighter', a contest I have been hosting on deviantART. I thought it would be cool to draw every character who entered the tournament as a sort of thank you.


102 - Aries

Another day, another character. These are fun because they are all so diverse. Anyway, character belongs to this guy http://howietzer.deviantart.com/

101 - Quilie

Another character to the line-up. The final picture will be massive! Character belongs to http://dslefthand.deviantart.com

100 - Josh

100 days of drawing! Haha! I made the first landmark. Wish it was a more impressive picture, nevermind. Another addition to the 2DF line-up. Character belongs to this guy: http://zinru10.deviantart.com

099 - Steven Spawnberg

The terrified and nervous film director to my elephant actor. Drawn on the bus home from London. 09/04/10

098 - Marlon Dumbo

See, like a pun? See? An elephant who is supposed to be a stuck up old actor. 08/04/10

097 - Octopusassin

One of my favourite of my London sketches. Octopusassin, an octopus assassin, each limb wields a deadly weapon. 07/04/10

096 - Scubaroo

Scubaroo, the scuba diving kangaroo. Done on my first night of my stay in London. 06/04/10

095 - Rokkit

Rokkit the rocketeering rabbit. A drawing a did on my birthday, just didnt post it. 05/04/10


2DF - Kenki Omichi

An update to the 2DF line-up. Character belongs to this guy - http://thieviusracoonus.deviantart.com/art/2DF-Kenki-Omichi-158447129


093 - 2DF Update

4 more characters from the line-up. That adds up to 40 characters drawn, only 17 left to go.

092 - 2DF Update

Still slugging on with this, 57 characters to draw in total, got about 21 more to get through.


091 - April Fool

Meant to post this yesterday, I did a quick comicstrip for April Fool's trying to think of an inappropriate thing to say on April Fools, and then top it by making it worse. Edgy, but I thought it was funny.