060 - Walk WIP

This month I will try some animation everyday. Today I was practicing a walk cycle from Eric Goldberg's 'Character Animation Crash Course!' book, where I used his keyframes and inbetweened the rest on 1s.

I am currently cleaning this up, tweaking things etc, hopefully finish it tomorrow. Done in Flash.


Ash Collins said...

bold move son! wish i had that kind of time. what animation book is this? i thought Kei had managed to grab every 2D animation book there is, but i dont recall seeing this. available on amazon? and you using Flash? excccccccellent

LAWay said...

Yeh, its available on amazon. Its called 'Character Animation Crash Course!' and it comes with a dvd of some of the things he talks about in the book so that you can go through them frame by frame.

Its a lightweight animator's survival guide. I felt it was easier to get to grips with the way points are made and shown, and easier to navigate as its not as huge.