AngelCrusher V

Finished that drawing I posted last. Fixed the leg problem, changed the hood slightly (damn hoods are tricky to draw) and added a sketch I did of the original AngelCrusher I had laying around. Sort of sketchy, like a faint memory, a ghost, watching over the back of this new AngelCrusher disapprovingly.

But why?


New AngelCrusher Design

Been drawing alot in work and for my deviantArt fighting tournament, I held a contest for others to design their own version of my character, AngelCrusher. This design was the winner, and I said I would draw it myself. Hence the sketches.

But I am stuck on which version to ink and colour.

Sketch 1 - looks like a combined version of 2 & 3, but I am not convinced on the head shape.
Sketch 2 - is a more animated character design look, but proportions may look abit off.
Sketch 3 - proper cartoony look, but is it not serious enough?

Decisions decisions...


009 Re:Cyborg trailer

009 Re:Cyborg Coming in Fall 2012

Stunning looking CG cel-shaded style animation. One of the best I've seen I reckon, looks just like an anime and could nearly pass as 2D is it wasn't for the frames per second it seems. Unless its just my computer being a bit slow playing it.


Abadas video

A preview of the show I am currently animating on, 'Abadas', Cbeebies' new animated series, produced by Dinamo and Kavaleer. Check out the video, like it, favourite it, and the become a fan of the facebook group. :D

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