Beowulf: The Game - Review

So I finally got around to playing Beowulf: The Game and completed it. A game released in 2007, that I picked up probably in 2009 for £6.99 and took 9 hours to complete...so the in game counter tells me. It felt alot longer.

The game is pretty mindless hack and slashing your way through very dark, dull levels against repetitive, uninspiring enemy hordes. I even fancied my chances on the Legendary mode during the first play. I don't normally do this, but then I didn't expect much from the game.

The achievements are pretty easy to pick up without really trying too hard. Probably managed to pick up around 25 out of 31 without looking through all the collectibles. There were some tricky, frustrating moments but it was generally an easy ride, even the boss battles, with the end boss being ridiculously easy. Who da thought a giant gold dragon would be so easy to defeat?

Would I recommend the game? If you were a fan of the film, and just like picking up achievements, give it a try if its cheap enough.

Rating 2/5


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