Female Assassins

A quick edit of the Dragon Tides preview of the female assassin sculpt.
I opted to give her sais and changed her leg position. I also tried removing her boots to give her heels, a mask, and changed her boots into a cool gauntlet / arm protector.




Bruce Lee themes

Dragon Tides is down to it's final 48 hours and asked backers to suggest themes for fun. 
For a martial arts themed game starring Bruce Lee, main characters from Street Fighter were an obvious link, as well as a nod to Dragonball Z. But doing Ryu made me think of another beat-em-up, Tekken, and the artwork was easy enough to adapt.

Just quick fun doodles.

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Return of the Dragon -- Kicktraq Mini


The Sparring Program

So I posted a graphic I mocked up for the Kickstarter game 'Dragon Tides'.
Well a few of us were discussing dream expansions and characters we would like to see, and one that stuck out was the Sparring Program scene from the Matrix. 

So I quickly whipped out photoshop on some pictures to make them look 'arty', and here we go. It's sort of 'in-style' with the artwork in Dragon Tides promo art. The names of the characters are from te actor's filmography. Anyway, just something fun.

You can check out the Kickstarter page and compare the original image here - http://kck.st/1CVDjPV


Dragon Tides Kickstarter

So I visit Kickstarter a lot and I am always on the look out for great looking games. 

One I came across was Dragon Tides, a role playing game with miniatures that was fully licensed with Bruce and Brandon Lee featuring, a long with many more exciting characters and miniatures.

The project just successfully funded and still has 16 days to go. However I thought the main image could do with an update to show off the painted minis and display a more eye-catching 'funded' sign, as well as add some description in the picture. This is what I came up with.

You can check out the Kickstarter page and compare the original image here - http://kck.st/1CVDjPV