Character Mentor 2

Helping others with their drawings and design work. Have a read on all the tips I gave.



A friend of mine Sam Ray, better known perhaps on deviantArt as 'CartoonRay' created a new character called Dr. Iq. He posted up the artwork, which I loved, followed up with a description. I couldn't help but picture a different character, and although I tried to explain, I couldnt help myself drawing what I meant to say.

I just wanted to make the character look more menacing, more intelligent, more superior with what the description suggested. I also changed the name from Dr. Iq, as although IQ played on the character's real name and intelligence, having a slightly edgy name thats a little bit funny with rude connotations I thought would be a winner.

Anyway, no offence caused with these changes, just wanted to have fun and illustrate other possibilities. :)