So the character changed from 'Jade' in my last post. I just felt the name was abit too cliched for a character wearing green, and this one seemed to just click. I also opted for this costume for a number of reasons, but mainly because it was the first that I did and was trusting my gut too.

I also didnt intend on the hair colour or removing the glasses, but seeing the red hair due to my red brush sketches, I thought it just worked, and in the end I thought the glasses looked abit messy and ruined the picture.

So there we go, new character done.



Some designs for a new character.
Struggling to decide which works best.

Initially I didnt plan on her showing any legs and was going for an all green suit, but then added a sort of corset, then tried with showing the legs...and I like them all.
Any feedback welcome. :)