207 - Buzz Lightyear

After finishing up Woody, I drew up Buzz. This was my second pass after messing up and not leaving enough space again, so I changed things, like buzz aiming forward instead of 3/4s.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Not content with blowing your minds with Marvel Vs Capcom 3, they step it up with Street Fighter Vs Tekken. Dreams do come true folks. Another reason to go to a comic con, all this awesome movie and game news. I WANNA GO!


206 - Woody

Phew! This took longer than I wanted. I initially sketched it out but didnt leave enough room on the paper for his hat! Gah! So I had to redraw it. Really happy with how it turned out. Did I get away with that hat? Pain to draw.

Anyway, still havent seen Toy Story 3 yet. Cant wait though! Will try to get Buzz drawn up too.

DC Universe Online

Now, I ain't a huge DC comic fan. I still enjoy the movies and games, and some of the characters. Sounds like DC put on a poor show at the San Diego Comic Con compared to Marvel, but there's no denying that this is an awesome trailer for their upcoming game.

Why bother with a live action Justice League if you can make it look this good?

Also...come on people, post the Thor and Captain America trailers online!


205 - Chun-Li

So I needed something to draw to warm up and went with chun li. Its ok, not great. Worked quickly, coloured quickly, face needs work, who knows. If I find spare time, I may redo the lineart and fix the face, recolour, then throw it on dA. Until then, it can stay here.

204 - Lady Gaga

Forget that fox version, here is Lady Gaga! Finally gotten around to modifying the artwork to look more like a person. I also added a cooler hue to the image, very faint, a little bit of texture, and some extra shading.

203 - Elastigirl

Drew a quickie of Elastigirl in work during lunchbreak. I was originally going to draw a snarling wolverine, yet somehow ended up here. The magic of artwork.


202 - AngelCrusher 4

For my AFL4 tournament on deviantart, drew up my character AngelCrusher in a new costume. Well, actually the drawing was done before as you may have noticed, but with updated colours.

201 - Captain America Redesign

Saw on project rooftop that the recent task is redesign captain america. My design isnt too far from whats already been done so probably wouldnt do well in their little contest. But was fun.

200 - Welsh Rubgy

Drawn on my lunchbreak loosely based on some Welsh rugby player.

199 - Traditional Welsh Girl

Tried a quickie, a welsh girl in traditional outfit. I thought I may do this as a nice crisp vector one day, who knows.

198 - Red n Black

AngelCrusher in different colours.

197 - Superman

My numbering is out of whack, I forgot what number I was on. Anyway, here is a mini superman to go with batman.


196 - All You Desire

A thing for deviantArt. Was meant to be a quicky reusing old photoshop layers to make a new page, but I got quite involved in the end.

195 - Little Dark Knight

Watching over the shadows of the schoolyard...

194 - Smile?

Is this a smile, or a snarl? With a name like AngelCrusher, it could easily be either.

193 - Look over your Shoulder

AngelCrusher keeping his eye out on you.

191 - Sonic

A silly Sonic to go with Mario. Sonic games used to be fun. Good times.

190 - Mario

Its-a me! Mario! Drawing around in a fun style, really changing it up. Mario annoys me. I loved the old games, but now he has seen as perfect, and it frustrates me.

189 - Piccolo

Quick small sketch of a chibi like piccolo with markers and a brush pen to quickly, very quickly ink it.

188 - Goku

Keeping with the Dragonball spirit, here is kid Goku.

187 - Vegeta

The Saiyan Prince, Vegeta! Love me some Dragonball Z.

186 - Captain America

Captain America is suspicious of something...his chiseled chin is tingling.

185 - Angry Man

This man is ticked off at something, maybe because I havent updated the blog for so long. Sorry Angry Man!

184 - Hulk

Incredible Hulk Smash! Quick, small sketch during lunch break.

183 - Buzz Lightyear

Exaggerating Buzz Lightyear and messing about with his design with the launch of Toy Story. Sorry Pixar.

182 - Woody

Inspired by some new Toy Story 3 toys sitting on my desk, here is Woody in a different style.

181 - AngelCat

AngelCrusher turned into a cat.

180 - Celtic Mouse

Turned one of my superheroes, Celtic Claw into a cute cartoony mouse. Fun.


179 - Cone Cat

Poor Socks. With his eye out and in stitches, he had to wear this big collar so he didnt scratch at it. It also meant he couldnt get out the house and he kinda went stir crazy. Cabin Fever Cat.

178 - You Can't See Me!

My girlfriend's cat had his eye removed. All the mice of the world now know which side of him to tread to go unnoticed.

177 - Me

Saw 'Cheeks' post some portraits shots and looked a nice style to try drawing in, so I tried it out with myself. Probably abit too square.

176 - Rough Collie

Another silly dog sketch.

175 - Bull Terrier

Random dog doodle, just pushing the characteristics slightly.

174 - Celtic Claw

Again, drawing in the superhero squad style with another character. Good fun and a nice style to play in.

173 - AngelCrusher

So I put up a poster of Marvel Superhero Squad in my work place. I needed something to draw and looked up, and thought I would draw in that type of style with my own character.

172 - Hello Nurse!

Quick sketch of this Nurse idea I had for a fighting tournament I do on deviantArt. This would be the a nurse template that heals fighters of their bizarre deaths, bringing back to life.

171 - Strasimira

I owe a character sketch for Ritualist on deviantart of his character. I did this sketch but wasnt really happy with the pose and style, so I guess he got a free rubbish drawing in the meantime.

170 - AngelCrusher

My AngelCrusher character is around 7-8 years old and to be honest I havent really redesigned him much, so here is a little attempt to do so. I should really add colour to him to get a better understanding of the redesign, which probably wont stick.

169 - Zerkov

Its that guy again! My alien-ish russian-ish dbz-ish villain, playing around in different styles.