Spider-Man Redesign

Project Rooftop are hosting a spider-man redesign contest. I may enter, I may not. A quick work doodle of a possible entry I may try with. Still got tweaking to do, but had to get it out of my head.


How to make webcomics

Stuck on a good idea to draw something? Draw said situation of being stuck on a good idea to draw something. An endless cycle.

Nico Minoru

Something for the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection blog. After seeing a proposed sculpt of Nico Minoru, a few of the members thought it didnt quite look right with her wearing a long jacket, especially seeing a sketch of the costume she should be wearing. So I sketched up what she would look like without the coat, added her manga like hair, and widened her legs to give her a better stance. Just felt like I had to do it.