030 - CW

Another drawing request, this time from Bellevue-Darkknight of this character, CW. Just playing around with being cartoony here.


029 - Domino

So after finishing the animal alphabet, I am using the last remaining days filling until february. I offered free drawings on deviantart to my followers, and this here is the result. This character is called Domino, and was created by PaladinSparkKnight. Hope I have done him justice.

028 - One of the Crowd

Another frame from my storyboard, nastily blown up to scale to save me a drawing. But, the film has a dog in it, and thus means you now have to watch it.


027 - One of the Crowd

Been storyboarding for a short film for the past few days, so instead of breaking up my animal rhythm, I am slotting it in now. Check out the facebook page and the animatic here.

026 - Zebra

Wow, went on a tangent on this one. Would have posted earlier, but other drawings I have done have not been animal related. May post them to make up the numbers.


025 - Yabby

A very quick one tonight. Hopefully the simpleness adds charm, otherwise I have failed.


024 - Xoloitzcuintli

Hairless dogs considered sacred by aztecs. Fun to draw a doggy.

023 - Wisent

I think I am losing it coming to the end of this month...but I promise, this is a real animal!


022 - Vulture

What's with all these animals in clothes?! After 22 days of drawing animals, the human-animal divide is becoming blurry.


021 - Uakari

I know what you are thinking, and no, they do not wear suits in the wild.


020 - Tortoise

This turned more into an illustration as I spent more time inking it and didnt really play around with the shape enough. Dammit.


019 - Sailfish

One of the coolest fish around, his fin is like some crazy hair-do.

018 - Red Panda

Red Pandas are neither red or related to the bear family, they are rather orange and are actually related to the raccoon.


017 - Quetzal

I cheated here...traditional markers with some added digital shading to help it pop, as the scanner wasn't kind to the colour.


016 - Platypus

Originally was a pinky/red, but changed it last second. Also, see alot of platypus drawings with beaver like tails scaled tales...they are wrong. Platypus tails are furry.


012 - Lemur

Again, slightly late as I am not at my home computer. Another traditional sketch, a Lemur with attitude.


011 - Koala

Did this last night, but didnt have time to scan it in. The first traditional sketch of the year.


010 - Jerboa

A cross between a Rat, a Rabbit and a Roo ... J animal for the day.


009 - Ibex

Reminder, you can click on the image to enlarge. They look better then. By magic. ;-)


008 - Harp Seal

The start of my productive day begins with a sketch! Harp Seal...go!


004 - Dik Dik

Funny looking deers with HUGE eyes and long snouts. Could have taken it further.


002 - Blue Jay

Continuing the animal theme...notice day 1 was A, day 2 is B. It's almost like I have planned this...

001 - Aye Aye

So, I will try a hand at a drawing everyday, even if it is just a sketch. Here is the ugly aye-aye which I saw on BBC show 'Life'. Posted a day late. Great start...