Terrax Edit

So, over at the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection blog, I offered some pointed in which I thought the Terrax sculpt could be improved slightly, but with most people being impressed with the sculpt my opinions fell on deaf ears. Maybe its me being picky, as it is a lovely sculpt and style of it, I just had a few issues, mainly that I thought the pose felt too stiff.

My suggestions were slight bends in the elbows, a little rotation in the forearms and wrists and tilting the head down to face the viewer more directly. It does seem like a little pretentious or picky that I know better, and it was suggestion I sketch up what I thought.

I think I did better. I just edited the pictures provided, so it gives a better idea of what the figurine would look like. And because I apparently got too much time on my hands, I stupidly coloured over it too.

But I hope the bend in the arms are more clear, and his fist and wrist twisted gives a better gesture than before. While he stills has a slight tilt of the head to reflect his angry gesture, he is no longer looking into the heavens cursing god. This guy should be towering above others and shouldnt need to be gesturing upwards. I debated changing the way the axe looked and considered rotating that, but I thought it gives a clear silhouette like this and left it.

So...now that I can see this version looks better, hopefully others agree, EM take note and make the little tweaks needed to make the best figurine possible.

Hey, it may be picky, but I am spending money on this thing.


Ultimate MvC3 full cinematic trailer

If comic panels could look like this, I would buy a tablet for digital comics alone. Gorgeous visuals.