085 - Toast Lip Sync WIP

An odd title for a post eh? Well here is some lip sync for the animated character from my training dvd, which provided everything, the character, the audio, the mouth shapes. I just tried to make it all work. This animation still work in progress.

Also, pimped out my blog today with a few extra features. Hopefully people can retweet posts so more people can see my work *hint hint*.


Ash Collins said...

how do you do that retweet thing then?
and see, you're getting well into flash now!
i think using tweens on mouth shapes for lip synch looks stupid. but you've been following this DVD and at least you know how do to all this stuff now right?

LAWay said...

Um...I may have googled 'retweet blogspot widget' or something like that. It was a pain in the arse to edit the code in though. Theres a simpler version to just put it on your blog, but it wont retweet posts, or you can add the code manually into each post.

One version does it for you...if your blogger html code is valid. Mine was not somehow. The site is called Tweetmeme.

I didnt think the tween on some lip sync looks too bad, but the guy actually animating on the dvd is clearly not an animator. But at least I am learning and getting the hang of it. Still stuff to learn from the DVD, but alot of it is stupid.