Santa Vs Jesus

Santa Vs Jesus by *AngelCrusher on deviantART


Please share with anyone if you like it! Spread the Christmas cheer! ^_^


Irony by *AngelCrusher on deviantART

Just remembered...my blog was supposed to show my ARTWORK!

Ugh...so, here is something I finished recently as of this morning. Quite liked it, but then I did smother it with textures and stuff that make it look better than what it is. Anyway, its a gift art piece of someone else's character, which you can find out if you click the deviantArt link.

I imagine.


Original Green Goblin Makeup Test

Amazing. Why wasnt this in the movie? Looks really good. As long as they wouldnt say he physically turned into this creature but it was a mask.

Better than the power ranger suit. Infact, this head on the power ranger suit would have looked kinda cool.