Blast from the Past

Found an old link from when I used to 'compete' in fantasy wrestling leagues online, 'roleplaying' as a character in interviews and such. Was back in my school days and it was like the biggest online wrestling tournament ever...and the rookie roleplayer with his newest character beat the whole damn world.

So, I'm gonna leave this link here:

And maybe I'll revisit this character and draw him up to honour a proud memory of mine.


Avengers 3D poster

Saw this pic and thought it was really cool.
Would be nice to try achieving an image with this effect, may look into it.

Spider-Man Universal Studios Ride Update

Universal Studios are updating their Spider-Man 3D motion ride and these previews are looking fantastic! Moving away from the 90s cartoon style and looking more like a video game or movie! They say the updates will be in place for March, would love to see it!




Lunchtime sketch. When I cant think of things to draw, I just resort to the usual...superheroes or Dragonball Z.

I need help.