Barking Mad

I was sort of challenged to do some designs of what a Lockjaw special would look like for the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. I looked at images of bulldogs, figurines, and Lockjaw artwork and just mixed them all together to get different results.

Essentially I just wanted him sitting down. He isn't exactly a dynamic character and the breed of dog (I know technically he ain't a dog) doesn't lend itself greatly to dynamic poses. I felt the more dynamic it is, the more bigger the risk of it looking weird. The main selling point in this figurine is the character, basically his unique design in the face, and whatever expression you can get out of it. I also think you can get a better scale of the character in this pose as he will sit up taller than what he would be standing.

I think I sort of failed in a way because they don't really work, the majority just look like a dog. However, I did colour in my favourite (not the churchill parody) that I think worked really well which sort of combined two pieces of artwork of Lockjaw.


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