134 - Dina Mite

I am finally up to date and caught up with my daily drawings. Here is a character I created in the video game 'City of Heroes'. I didnt really play with her much, but the character creator is so fun to just mess around in.


MFICB said...

This looks ace man, love the pose! The Foxy Gaga came out really sweet too.

Unfortunately the Ballin on Canvas are not traditional, the ink work is but the colour is photoshop, its my way of luring people in, although i'm gong to get them printed on canvas to sell. Like you have request print at the bottom of your posts, i'm trying to figure out how to do that??lol

LAWay said...

Thanks man.
Ah, deceiving people eh? I like it.

I think there are options under settings on what you want people to do on your posts...comments, thumbsup etc. You can just make up headings and it fits it in.

I cant remember exactly how I did it, but played with the settings. I spent a few days just looking for stuff to pimp out my blog, but cant remember the links.