Blackburn Rovers Roar Lion Mascot

Ok, where did this come from!? My football lion needed colouring for the competition and I wanted a distinct look. I searched lion football mascots and refused to draw Chelsea. But luckily I found Blackburn Rovers Roar Mascot, and what a design! I loved his red mane and blue and white fur, so it had to be done. So started as a generic lion football character turned into a nice colourful tribute image. Ah well.

This is for the "Animals in Competitive Sports" contest at Parkablogs and I needed to finish it quickly. Wish I had time to enter another, but probably wont.


Andrew said...

Hi Blackburn fan here. Not sure how I stumbled across this but glad I did. Excellent Work

Good luck in the competition

LAWay said...

Thanks very much Andrew. Hopefully more Rovers fans view it, I posted something on twitter, so who knows.

I've never forgiven you though beating Man Utd to the premier League title in 95. :P

Anonymous said...

Hello i am not a big rovers fan but i like drawing and u i just drew your picture and it turned out great like you mascot