117 - Foxy Ladies

Here are some designs for a contest I am entering. It is using stock photos are reference for a pose and creating an anthro character while dressing them up in an iconic costume in popular culture. I am torn, and not very creative, so got stuck on these ones. Would love feedback on preferences.
Left to Right.
1. Cammy - Street Fighter 2. Harley Quinn - Batman 3. Jessica Rabbit - Who framed Roger Rabbit 4. Halle Berry - James Bond 5. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider
6. Slave Leia - Star Wars 7-9. - Wonder Woman 10. Jean Grey Phoenix - X-men

Please help me out. Which ones work best?


MFICB said...

Thanks for your honesty man, appreciated!
Don't think i will revisit, I'll do another without Supa in it. Decided what to go for yet? I wanna say Jean Grey but for popularity sake it will have to be wonder woman!

JesseHughes said...

I like the Wonder Womans (Women?) best. They read easiest to me. I like the center WW outfit most, but they all work.

LAWay said...

Thanks guys.
@MFICB still not 100% sure. I will knocked out about a few rough colours, jeccica rabbit, wonder woman, phoenix, harley quinn & cammy...see if opinion changes.

@JesseHughes thanks buddy. Yeh, WW is just iconic and instantly recognizable, so is probably the safest bet.