113 - Silk Spectre

Silk Spectre from the movie Watchmen. Really pleased how this came out with the lines, the pose, the colour. Will make it a print. :)


Ash Collins said...

thats good shit man, real good shit.
was this a Flash job?
i hate those hands. they are as well drawn as the rest of the image of course, but 3-fingered hands do my head in. but thats only a personal preference!

LAWay said...

Thanks man. Not a 100% flash job, just the line work again. I dont understand how to colour in flash as I dont want to colour on the same layer as the lines. I can see how it would be quicker, but I just prefer my way around Photoshop.

Yeh, I know what you mean about the hands, the fingers get a little chunky with I draw the 3 fingered variety. Maybe I'll look into it next time, or go over this one. Cheers. :)