Some designs for a new character.
Struggling to decide which works best.

Initially I didnt plan on her showing any legs and was going for an all green suit, but then added a sort of corset, then tried with showing the legs...and I like them all.
Any feedback welcome. :)


Anonymous said...

'Dan did say NOT to contact EM about the news.'
'PS: Please DO NOT send letters/e-mails of protest to anyone at Eaglemoss – the decision is made and Galactus himself couldn’t reverse it!'

LAWay said...

Thats what I told everyone. Point being?

Anonymous said...

Here's the full post that you wrote on May 6th:
'Dan did say NOT to contact EM about the news. I wonder if they were supposed to make it public at all, so I dont want to get the guys in trouble. And its probably a pretty definitive thing. Dan even explained some hurdles as to why simply raising the price and changing to resin may not work.

While I wouldnt particularly be fond of a chess set, I think all the feedback here tells EM that. We just want the same scale, the same product. Wrap it up in a different packet to please new collectors and distributors, whatever. Raise the price, make it resin, but as long as we know its essentially the same I think thats all we want.

While I would love new marvel products like a tabletop type minitures with a game, Heroclix already exists which is pretty much the same.

And Hasbro paid big bucks to get Marvel Legends, Dan is already talking about financial difficulties. While Hasbro did make mistakes with the brand in the beginning, you could argue Marvel Legends is a better brand now with the quality of figures and variety, and they of course gave the Marvel Universe line which is fantastic.

I know everyone is showing appreciation to others, and its great to see that we are all united as one on this subject and everyone is getting along. I wont be saying my goodbyes until the final blog post when the final figurine is released, so we have a long way to go just yet.

While EM may have killed off the CMFC, perhaps we can be directly included in the market research for the next product. Just to give something back to the fans.'
Show me where you told everyone not to e-mail Eaglemoss about future extensions for DC / Marvel in the above paragraph.