Devil May Cry 4 Review

So next up in my long list of games years old that have never been played is Devil May Cry 4. I remember I played it on the PS2 and had great fun. Crazy sword and gun combos, big bosses, it was a cool game when you are a teenager, so here I was hoping it would live up to that madness.

And it does. Although, my memory must be hazy as I must have only played the 1st Devil May Cry, as I had no clue what was really going on. To make matters worse, you don't even start the game off with Dante, who is introduced as an antagonist to our new hero...Nero. A Dante clone who has a demon arm. It all reminded me abit of Enchanted Arms on the Xbox...but mainly because I completed that game not long ago either.

While I started off detesting this new, emo version of Dante, I did grow to like him. He had cool combos and moves when I finally got going. The game is just as crazy, with the boss battles bigger and badder than ever. Athough it seemed alot easier than I remembered. No real thought needs to go into beating them. There are quite a lot of cut scenes too, to my surprise. Well polished for its time as an early next gen title, but the voice acting is a little hammy.

When you finally get to play as Dante, you basically repeat the levels already visited by Nero, including some boss battles, which made me feel cheated and uninspired. First getting to grips with Dante, I did miss Nero's moves. But then as you level up and get accustomed to him, I think he is more powerful. Although just when you get the hang of things kicking ass, you switch back to Nero for the final chapters.

Its an enjoyable arcadey game that doesnt take all too long to complete. I cant remember the exact time, but it was around 10-14 hours I would say at the very most. Although there is a lot more to unlock and achievements to gain, with it impossible to unlock everything playing it once. However I don't intend on visiting the game again any time soon just to play it on hard, ridiculously hard and finally 'one hit and you die' hard. Not now anyway. I got more ridiculously old games to try completing before the next xbox console comes out....

Rating : 3 / 5

Its fun, but a little lightweight and repetitive, and yet to get the most out of it, you have to complete it numerous times.

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