225 - Bart

A little something in the making. We have seen Homer Vs Peter...but what about Bart Vs? What about turning it into a tag team? Just a few options where this could go folks. Stay tuned for inks and colours.

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SinisterVenom said...

Hey LAWay, I thought I would check out your sketches that you mentioned after looking at all of these...wow!
Well if you have Homer vs. Peter, it would have to be Chris fighting Bart.
You should do a sketch for each of the family. You can have Marge vs Lois, Lisa vs Meg and also Maggie vs. Stewie, I would really like to see those two, since they both have a history with guns it would be a chaotic fight between those babies :)
And heck while you're there, why not have Grandpa Abe Simpson get in a fight with Brian ;)