Avengers Movie Concept Art

So Marvel have released images of concept art for Captain America and Thor revealing what will more than likely be their movie costumes, so I thought I put put all the Avengers movie characters (sort of) together to get a feel of the big screen super team.

When I first saw the Cap design, I wasn't feeling it. I mean, it looks cool and has an Ultimates sort of feel to it, but look at the design of the armour, the feel of the costume. It doesnt seem like something made in World War 2, it looks like an armour for modern times, more akin to the Avengers than the actual Captain America movie. Why go through the hassle of this design when the comics nailed a real life WW2 Cap right here.

As for Thor, I was never happy when they released the promo photos, and seeing this full design looks even worse. I understand ancient Asgardian Thor may not work on screen, and they dont want to go down the Ultimates route to avoid annoying the hardcore Marvel fans. So instead it looked like the costume was inspired by this. What is awful however is everything. The rubber armour arms to hide the fact that the actor is not very muscular. The rubber chestplate. Its all very reminiscent of Power Rangers and Batman Forever. While I can understand that the same chainmail type armour effect may look really camp on the legs, its stupid to mix and match costumes and just give him leather trousers and weird alien looking boots. Seriously, who designs all these costumes in the world they live in as they are all ultra modern, sleek designs that only a art design graduate could produce.

The team do work well together, but is that the downfall? I am really looking forward to every film, but are they trying to make these characters live in Iron Man's universe instead of standing alone in their own right, in their own designs. Thats the beauty of crossovers, the mix of visuals, but when you start making everything look the same, it loses abit of what makes them special.

Anyway, I am excited for these films and I hope they look better on the screen than what they do as these concept designs. Marvel are hitting home runs with their films and having a huge say in what goes on, so I have faith in them and that if they are going to approve it, then it must be pretty decent. Only time will tell.

Until then, Make Mine Marvel!


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